Living Free – Like you deserve!

What is Electric Liberty and PinkMotion all about? Its a way of living – a Lifestyle Electric – with almost no hassles and no mess, enjoying 20th and 21st century transportation technology – designed for convenience, not old-school profiteering. Where you make the choice – When you go electric you just dropped a whole lot of hassle for a lifestyle of freedom, fun and leisure.

Going Electric means say good bye to oil changes and engine mechanic hassles… Whens the last time you took that 19th century gas tech car in for a simple fix only to be told by the mechanic its multiple problems and you week salary gone…. and you don’t even know where or why? Electric Transport has 70% less parts and no engine than 19th century tech travel vehicles. That means theres no engines to learn, nor motors to fix. You just plug it in and go!

THINK PINK! — The Vehicle Technology for Todays Modern Driver!
Being taken advantage of by mechnics GONE
Messy Hassles – Oil, Fluids etc. GONE
Cleaning Driveway Stains GONE
Oil Changes GONE
Scary Late night Gas Stations fill ups GONE

And with that all that mess you had before, oil on the driveway, oil on your hands, gasoline smell into work, transmission fluid, etc. etc. – all gone!!! 21st century tech vehicles have evolved past all those things so you just drive, cleanly and never waste any more time at a gas pump waiting to pay, etc. And with that also goes your gas credit cards and all that management!

When you go electric you free up not only your time you also free up your mind – no issues.

Purpose and Profitability
These costs could massively free up peoples disposable income, adding freedom to all elements of life and choice in style of life



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